Engineering is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects in the process of restoring collector cars. Original parts which are no longer available or need to be preserved for the sake of originality, will be engineered and reproduced in house and in collaboration with our partners specialising in processes like 3D scanning, CAD/CAM, casting and milling. This allows Strada e Corsa to re-manufacture not only parts, but also entire mechanical components that are indistinguishable from original, while offering better performance and increased reliability as a result of modern manufacturing technologies and improved materials.

Worn out or broken parts

By shipping a worn out or broken part to Strada e Corsa, the technical team can analyse the problem, provide a reparation or work towards a permanent solution in case of inherent flaws. We can also recreate missing parts that are no longer available. This allows customers to maintain the originality of their car, while taking advantage of technical progress.

These services are available for predominantly Italian vintage cars, like the Ferrari 166, 212 and 250 GT range, Lancia Aurelia B20 and B24, Alfa Romeo 1900C, AlfaGiulietta Sprint Veloce and Zagato, 1300 and 1600 GTA, TI Super and TZ.

We are also specialised in the Fiat 8V and related SIATA 8V models, resulting in the development of a range of parts such as water pumps, cylinder heads, but also four and five-speed gearboxes and complete differential units with Limited slip units. At this point we can offer basically every mechanical component for the various Otto Vu models.